1. Lunch time reading

  2. So my niece’s favorite thing in the world seems to be the camera on my phone. Cool.

  3. Macro Lego shot.

  4. Rob the construction worker, or Bob the builder.

    [Minolta XG-M, ARISTA BW Film, 70-150mm zoom lens]

  5. Sometimes you gotta treat yourself.

  6. Few pick ups yesterday

  7. Trill shit

    (Source: northgang, via whoisbrass)

  8. Spending some quality time with baby girl.

  9. No reason necessary.

  10. Yesterday’s pick ups. #believeinfilm

  11. Saturday chillin’ alphet. 🚶

  12. Lolita by Dutchie & Louis XXX

  13. Breakfast notes

  14. This building is so creepy. 😬

  15. Outchea